The Virtual PBX provides function redirection of incoming calls to other destinations.


Destinations, which available to forwarding:

  • An external phone number (any operator's mobile or landline number);
  • A queue;
  • An extension number;
  • An external subscriber;
  • A mobile number.

⚠️ Note:

Personal redirection option is available to use when the call is routed to your number without any queues. Else, when the call is routed to queue, personal redirection will not be executed.

Redirect condition types: 

  1. Unconditional. In this case all incoming calls will be redirected to selected destination.
  2. When no answer. Call will be redirected when your phone is free, but you can't answer.
  3. When busy.
  4. When unavailable.

See also in the article "Virtual PBX | Settings | Dial plan | Subscribers numbers".


Click Settings tab in top menu, then Dial plan | Subscribers numbers.

Select an extension in the list and click Call forwarding tab below.

All redirection types are disabled by default. To enable a condition, select other destination from list. 

⚠️ Note:

The condition "Always (unconditional)" is priority over other conditions. When it is activated, other conditions will not be executed.

Select either extension or queue or phone number according your choice.

⚠️ Note:

For condition "When no answer" select additionally time to wait before the redirection will be executed.

Advanced setup

You can choose a variant of display incoming number. Select on checkbox "Show redirected caller's phone number" to display incoming subscriber number. Else, select off this one to display extension number.