"Call Recording" service - allows you to record all calls coming to a virtual PBX. This can be useful in the following cases:

  • Prevention of leakage of confidential information;

  • Quality control of telephone customer service;

  • Opportunity to train employees on real examples of successful telephone conversations;

  • Using the recording of a conversation as a weighty argument in resolving disputes.

You can also record not only conversations, but everything in the call route, for example, IVR (pre-recorded voice messages).

The administrator of the company puts down a sign of recording conversations for the necessary subscribers. See "Setting up call recording" for details.

In the future, the administrator can receive information on the recordings of conversations, view and listen to the recordings, download the recordings to his computer. See "Access to Call Records" for details.

Recordings of conversations are available to the administrator in his personal account, the entrance to which is made by login and password. The administrator can perform a convenient search for calls and conversation records by subscriber or in turn for a specified period of time.

Recordings are available for listening in mp3 format. The storage time of records on the server depends on the settings set by the administrator. It is possible to store records from 1 day to infinity.

To store calls and recordings, the disk space included in the monthly fee is used. If necessary, additional disk space is purchased, while recording conversations does not stop.