"Robot controller" - the function of automatic chime on missed calls.

The "Robot Controller" function uses the objects "Queue" (a group of users) of the virtual PBX:

  • queue 1 – for calls to which auto-ringback is enabled,

  • queue 2 – a group of operators involved in auto-callback on calls missed in queue 1.

Queue 2 can be assigned to queue 1 or any other.

The "Ignore calls shorter than" parameter means that the robot controller will process calls whose length will be at least the specified time (for example, 5 seconds) and they were interrupted before connecting to the operator.

Such calls will be considered missed. 

The Robot Controller function works as follows:

  • the user of the Virtual PBX configures and enables the function for the selected queue 1 (see below);

  • Virtual PBX registers missed incoming calls to queue 1 and puts them in the auto-call list;

  • numbers from the auto-call list are processed by the robot controller / the "Robot controller" function (see below) in accordance with the function settings;

  • the number is excluded from the list for auto-callback:

  • when registering an operator connection with a client or

  • upon reaching the number of auto-call attempts specified in the settings.

Registration of missed incoming calls with their placement in the list for auto-call occurs on a continuous basis (round the clock without interruptions). The numbers present in the list are not re-entered into it (that is, they are present in the list once), but after being excluded from the list, they can be placed again.

The function settings specify a schedule (the Virtual PBX object) that specifies non-working hours when calls to customers are not made (for example, at night). If a missed call is registered during non-working hours, the auto-call will be performed as soon as business hours arrive.

When processing numbers from the list for auto-callback, the controller robot automatically performs the following at the time allowed by the schedule:

  • dialing to a free operator in queue 2 (according to queue 2 settings);

  • notification of the operator who picked up the phone that the Robot Controller function has worked and a connection with the client is expected (voice message playback);

  • dialing to the client and his connection with the operator waiting on the line.

If the operator hangs up before connecting to the customer, the customer's number will remain on the auto-call list and will be processed again.