The Virtual PBX provides recording of inner, outer, and mobile calls. Also you can record calls in queues and conferences.

Set record mark in settings to enable this feature.


Call recording feature is a paid option. You can allow this option in the section My services | Services. Then click on field Virtual PBX. In top submenu click tab Handling. Allow Call recording to enable this feature.


Click Virtual PBX | Extensions setup on your Account's main page (another way: click in top menu Virtual PBX | Settings then in left menu Subscribers numbers).

Select the extension in list. Then click on tab Extension and turn checkbox Record all calls.

You can to record calls in queues. Set record mark as shown in manual Virtual PBX | Settings | Routing | Queues.

How to playing records

Click tab Virtual PBX | Calls in top menu. 


You can edit settings for storing calls in the section Virtual PBX | Settings | General settings | Storage period.

Playing records:

  1. Select either a queue or extension or All calls in left menu.
  2. Select a period in calendar button ButtonPeriod  and click Show filters button: all calls, which were made then, will be shown.
  3. Click the "Listen" button in Duration field to start playing the record.
  4. Click the button ButtonStop  to stop playing.

Downloading records

  • If you need to save the record to computer, click link Download to the right of "Listen" button. 

  • To save all record of the list to computer click the button "Download call recordings" in top submenu. Then select a period in calendar in the dialog window and click "Download" button.


Our platform provides to restrict access to user's calls. To do that bind the subscriber by extension number to an user
in the section Virtual PBX | Settings | Subscribers numbers. More information is available in according manual.