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Callback is a telephone service that allows a customer to establish a connection with the desired subscriber in such a way that the call is incoming for both parties. Thus, the calling subscriber saves on outgoing communication costs.

The CallBack number acts as a regular company phone number, and calls are handled according to the configured routing scenario.

How CallBack Works

  • An employee who wants to call any subscriber via CallBack dials a special phone number configured on the virtual PBX for the CallBack service.
  • The virtual PBX rejects the call.
  • The employee’s phone receives a call from the phone number configured on the virtual PBX for a callback.
  • The employee enters the number of the subscriber he needs to call.
  • The calling and called parties are connected. In this case, the caller becomes the called party, which allows the subscriber not to pay for outgoing calls.


For service configuration, see How to set up CallBack.

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