"Blacklists and Favourites" allow you to distribute calls depending on the number of the caller, his region, operator or city.

Using "black" lists, you can:

  • Reject unwanted calls. For example, when calling a company number, the caller will hear a busy signal or a voice message.

  • Refuse to receive calls from phone numbers of intruders, as well as calls from a certain region.

Using "white" lists, you can set up receiving calls only from specified numbers, as well as perform incoming call routing by region, city, operator:

  • Identify important customers and direct calls from them to personal managers. If a call comes from a whitelisted number, it can be processed according to personal rules, for example, transferred to an employee who works with the most important clients.

  • If your company operates in multiple regions, you can route calls from those regions to employees who work directly with those regions.

  • Route calls coming from specific numbers or regions to individual voice menus configured specifically for these numbers or regions, play your own greeting for them and perform your own call routing.

  • Accept calls only from those clients who are included in the "white" lists, and reject all other calls or send them to voice mail. This can be useful, for example, in order to receive important calls at night (using a schedule).

"Blacklists and Favourites" may be formed depending on the following conditions:

  • Telephone numbers or ranges (masks) of numbers;

  • The country from which the call is coming;

  • The region from which the call is coming;

  • The city from which the call is coming;

  • The operator serving the number from which the call comes;

  • Type of NDC from which the call is coming.

The most commonly used options are:

1. A list of only subscriber numbers (for example, when creating a black list of spam calls)

2. List only from cities (for example, for automatic distribution to regional offices)

Depending on these conditions, the call is routed for the subscriber (queue, voice menu) or calls are rejected.

The direct setting of the algorithms for the action of the "white" or "black" lists occurs in "Virtual PBX" >> "Settings" >> "Call scenarios".