Voice mailbox

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The Voice mailbox service allows you to reduce the number of "lost" calls, staying in touch with customers even when there is no one in the office and no one to answer the incoming call.

You can create a voice mailbox, for example, common for the company or any department.


To listen to the customer's messages, you need to enter an access code on your phone.

You can also set up sending files with recordings to your e-mail.

To connect the service, you need to create a mailbox and set up call routing.


Message storage

  • The minimum length of the recorded message is 3 seconds. This means that messages less than 3 seconds will not be recorded.
  • The maximum length is 120 seconds.
  • The voice message box holds up to 50 messages inclusive. To record new messages, you need to delete the previous ones.
  • To delete a message, log into the voice mailbox (for which you need to dial the combination 088+mailbox number and pin code in a row if it is set), go to listen to messages (key 1) and delete all the necessary messages sequentially (key 7).
  • For more details, see Voice prompts settings.

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