The extension is the central object of the virtual PBX. It is assigned a short number and a default number for making outgoing calls. After making the necessary settings, the subscriber is ready to work.

Virtual PBX subscribers can be of the following types:

  • Internal extension - an employee of the company with a short internal number - this can be a SIP phone, software on a smartphone or PC. When calling among themselves, employees dial this short number.

  • An external extension - is an employee who has configured call forwarding from an internal number to an external number - this can be a landline phone or mobile phone of any country or a SIP-URI.


The following customizable features are available to virtual PBX subscribers:

  • Single short numbering (short numbers from 1 to 4 digits);

  • Recording conversations and listening to them in the "Calls (v2.0)" section;

  • Interception of calls of other subscribers in the queue;

  • Call forwarding according to different algorithms (Unconditional; If busy; If not answered; If unavailable);

  • Restriction of outgoing communication to different directions (administrator disables certain communication directions);

  • Limitation of expenses for outgoing communication (the administrator sets a daily and monthly limit for calls);

  • Automatic routing of outgoing calls of the subscriber depending on the region of the called subscriber (with the option "Routing by the region of the called subscriber" enabled).