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The Schedules feature allows you to direct calls in a call scenario depending on the time of day, days of the week, holidays, and weekends. To implement a conference in call scenarios, you should add a special Schedules element.

For example, Schedules can be useful for a business that operates at specific hours and requires calls that come in outside of these hours to be redirected to a voicemail or another number. The schedule can also be set up to account for holidays and weekends, ensuring that calls are routed correctly at any time. This improves customer service and ensures efficient use of time and resources.

To add a Schedules element:

  1. Click on the icon in the right-hand elements menu;  

  2. Select a schedule from the dropdown list;

  3. To create a new schedule, click on this link — Create timeframe; 

To edit an element that has been placed, click the pencil-shaped button; 

Set the parameters in the Edit scenarios item modal window.

  • Name;

  • Add;

  • Country of work calendar;

  • Set time condition's starting date;


    If the start date of the schedule is not set, the schedule will be effective from the moment of creation.


  • Set time condition's due date;


    If an end date is not set, the schedule remains in effect until it is deleted.


Click the Save button. 

After adding an element to the call scenario, it is necessary to specify which elements the incoming call should follow in case it matches and does not match the set schedule.

An example of routing considering the schedule.



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