Setting up a SIP trunk for telephone numbers is performed in the main menu section «Telephony 2.0».

1. Go to «Telephony 2.0», and now in the menu on the left, choose «SIP-trunks».

2. Click on the button with a pencil next to the trunk that has to be set up.

3. Select a method for connecting the client's VoIP equipment to the SIP trunk: Static or Dinamic.

4. If static SIP-trunk is selected (connection through IP-аddress), the button with a plus sign has to be clicked «Host» and set up the following parameters:

  • Trunk ID — name of the trunk
  • IP — IP-adress of the client's VoIP-equipment;
  • Port — port for IP;
  • Other port — used when a specific port is not required.

5. To enter parameters, select a SIP server from the drop-down list. Enter the IP address and port in the open fields. If a specific port is not required to be displayed, click in the square on the right, «Other port».

6. Click on «Save».

7. When choosing a dynamic SIP trunk, you can bind by IP address (it will work after the first call, when the IP is automatically determined). To do this, move the slider to the left, opposite «Do not change».

8. Select the binding type:

None - The SIP account will not be associated with any IP address.

⚠️ Note:

Selecting the "No" option may harm security, as it allows the possibility of hacking the SIP account. Binding to an IP address makes it impossible to access the account from other IP addresses.

  • Yes - when you select this option, you must add the required number of IP addresses or a subnet in the IP address entry field. The field becomes available only when the option "Yes" is selected. Enter the IP address and click the "+" button next to "Add". Then enter the following IP address or netmask of the form, followed by / to indicate the netmask.

  • Auto - The SIP account is automatically linked. This happens the first time you register an account.

9. Click «Save».

10. You can also change codecs and DTMF. Move the slider to the left opposite "Advanced settings", then opposite "Change codecs" to open additional settings for the SIP trunk. If there is no need to change codecs, just skip this step.

Porting phone numbers between SIP trunks

To transfer phone numbers from one trunk to another or completely unlink from a trunk:

1. Select the checkbox or checkboxes next to the numbers you want to port.

2. Click on the "Edit" button.

3. Select the appropriate trunk from the drop-down list of available SIP trunks. If you need to unlink numbers from trunks, select "Disconnect from all".