Use post-call surveys - call assessments.

When surveying their experience after customer calls, use this data to provide feedback based on your customers perspectives. You can then even combine customer feedback with the caller to reconcile your thoughts with the interactions of your agents.

With the call evaluation feature of MCNtelecom's virtual PBX, you can easily address this challenge and later use the results to further improve your business processes.

The call evaluation feature is an optional feature in some tariffs, so you can turn it on by setting up a VPBX subscription if needed.

After switching on, the call scenario can be set in the queues, which conducts the call evaluation with the caller.

When a call is received in the queue, after the receiving operator ends the call, the VPBX sends it to a specified call sales call scenario, where the call evaluation is done according to a special personalized scenario, such as voice menus or "question-answer" scenario elements.

The setting of the call evaluation function can be set per queue in the VPBX Settings menu, in the Queues menu.