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Speech Analytics — is a cloud service for call quality control. The platform works based on speech recognition technology. It analyzes phone conversations, finds problematic dialogues, tracks and builds reports on key company indicators.


  1. Search for calls by words (ready-made dictionaries contain thousands of phrases with complaints, threats, claims).
  2. Automatic call rating (rating of all calls on a 5-point scale based on 25 quantitative parameters and lexical analysis of the conversation).
  3. Report builder (you can configure the necessary slices, columns, and filters).
  4. Triggers (automatic actions when calls appear with specified criteria already after 5 minutes of their appearance. A message to Telegram, an email, SMS, a task in CRM and much more. Up to 30 integrations are available).

AI takes the rules for analyzing calls from instructions created in the Classifier section.

To view speech analytics reports, go to the Speech Analytics tab.

Speech dialogue analytics results are displayed in the table:


When viewing a table, you can search by text, filter by columns, update analysis results, change the display period, and go to the dialog being analyzed by clicking on the button in the Conversation column.

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