1. To link an IP address to a specific SIP account choose «Telephony 2.0» | «SIP settings», check in the box the SIP ID that has to be edited and click on the button «Edit».

2. In the pop-up editor window, at the option «Restrict to specified IP address(es)» drag the small blue slider to the left and check the Yes option.

⚠️ Note: 
Assigning the IP address to a SIP ID is not available if the small blue slider is moved to the right for the «No change» option.

3. Choose the type of the restrection:

  • No — The SIP ID will not be attached to any IP address.

⚠️ Attention!

By selecting the «No» option, you risk the security of your SIP ID, as it allows it to be hacked. Attaching to an IP address makes it impossible to access the identifier from other IP addresses.

  • Auto — the SIP account is going to be linked automatically. Basically this happens at the registration of the account.
  • Yes — in the case of choosing this option will make possible to add IP-addresses and subnets in the IP-address field, as many as necessary. The field will be avaiable only after choosing the yes option. Enter the IP-address and click on «Add». Then enter the following IP address or netmask in the form , after / the netmask is indicated. Add all of necessary ID-addresses in this way.

4. Click on the button «Save».