Chima SVP2000 setup

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Chima SVP2000Chima svp2000


1. Connect the VoIP-phone to network by using Ethernet-cable as shown on screenshot:

1: power (AC-block);

2: network port; 

3: PC port to PC for configuring;

4: handset port;

5: headset port (if it used).

2. Direct your browser to IP-address of the phone.


The DHCP settings are applied to phone automatically (if it was not reconfigured earlier). 

You can check IP-address mode of the phone (Static mode or DHCP mode):

  • Press OK button on the phone to enter the main menu;
  • Select User and enter password (default for user is 000000, for root is 111111);
  • Select Network, then select mode.

You can get your network settings from your system administrator. 

3. Enter phone's IP-address to browser address bar. There will be opened configuration page (default login and password is admin). 

Chima SPV2000 - 1


4. Click tab NETWORK link in left menu and configure network and internet connection settings.

You can get your network settings from your system administrator. The configuration of internet connection you can get from your provider's support.

Chima SPV2000 - 2


5. If your SIP registration domain is, set Primary DNS and Secondary DNS from your provider in Optional Network Configuration.

6. Configure your extension number (or extensions, if more than one).

Click VOIP link in left menu, then select SIP 1 in tab SIP.

Make settings as shown on screenshot.

Server address:

Account name: SIP ID

Passwod: SIP password

Phone number: SIP ID

Enable register: set on

Click APPLY button below to save your settings.

Chima SPV2000 - 3

7. Click Advanced Set to make your service stable. Make your changes as shown on screenshot and click APPLY to save.

Chima SPV2000 - 4

8. Select SIP 2 and make settings similarly for additional extension number, if it used. 


9. Click PHONE link in left menu and make audio configuration as shown on screenshot. Click APPLY to save.

Chima SPV2000 - 5

10. Click MAINTENANCE link in left menu, then click REBOOT tab in top menu. Click Reboot button to restart your phone with new configuratiion.

Chima SPV2000 - 6

Your VoIP-phone is ready to use!

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