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The Phone numbers data table in the Telephony section is used for managing and analyzing the company's telephone number space, managing the status of numbers, monitoring and analyzing calls and messages related to these numbers, and determining the necessary measures to improve customer service quality.

The table can display the following data:

  • Number — client's phone number;
  • Subscriber verification — user identity confirmation status through public services, that is, whether this number can be considered authentic and receive calls on it. Green color - confirmed, red - not confirmed;
  • Address validation — verified user's address. Green color - verified, red - not verified;
  • Installation address — the address where the phone number was installed;
  • Turn on date — the date when this number was activated;
  • Turn off date — the date when this number was deactivated;
  • Date — the date when changes were made;
  • Who made changes — the email of the user who made the changes.
  • Log — a detailed log of changes made.

Also, the table offers filters:

  1. Number type — filter by number type (mobile, geographic, nomadic, 8800 and premium);

  2. Region — filter by the region to which the phone number is assigned.

  • The gear icon — removing \ adding data columns to the table.


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