1. Connect the device as shown on screenshot above.

2. Launch a web browser on a computer that can reach the device on the network. 

3. Direct the browser to the IP-address of the device.


  • To determine the IP-address of the device press Menu, then press 5 key (Maintenanance) and 1 key (System Info). The IP-address will be shown on the display.
  • To set IP-address static press Menu, then 4 key (Network), and 1 key (IP – Settings). Answer "No" on the question "Are you using DHCP?". Then enter static IP.

4. SIP account configuration. Click tab Setup | Identity 1.

Identity active: on

Displayname: any word

Account: your SIP ID

Password: your SIP password

Registrar: enter SIP domain sip.mcntele.com


5. Click Apply button, then click Save button to save your settings.


If line is down press "Re-Register" button on device.

6. Click tab RTP and make codec settings as shown on screenshot below. 

Click Apply, then Save button to save your settings.

Your device is ready to use!