1. Connect the VoIP-phone's base as shown on the screenshot.

1: Connect the receiver to the base.

2: Connect the base to the telephone network (analogue fixed line or ISDN).

3: Connect the base to the mains power supply.

4: Connect the base to the router for accessing the Internet (via router and modem or via router with integrated modem) and for configuring the base via the Web configurator.

5: You can connect a PC to the base via the second LAN socket  LAN2 (optional) - e.g., for connecting the PC to the router. The base takes on the task of a switch.

6: Connect the base to a fax machine.

7: Connect a wire-bound headset.

2. After all actions the VoIP-phone will have runned. Press right on the control key as shown on screenshot below.

3. To determine the IP-address of the phone click to wrench icon, then click System | Local Network.

4. Launch a web browser on a computer that can reach the phone on the network. Direct the browser to the IP address of the phone.

5. There will be opened a configuration page.

6. Enter system PIN-code of DX800A (factory default is 0000). After login you will see the next window:

7. Configure your phone's connection to MCN Telecom.

Click tab Settings in top menu, then click Telephony | Connections in left menu. Click "Edit" button at IP setting string, which you wish to use for the connection.

8. Click Show Advanced Settings and make your settings as set in table below.

Connection Name or Number:MCNtelecom
Authentication name:SIP ID
Authentication password:SIP password
Username:SIP ID
Display name:SIP ID
Proxy server address:sip.mcntele.com
Proxy server port:5060
Registration server:sip.mcntele.com
Registration server port:5060
Registration refresh time:60
STUN enabled:No
STUN server address:
Outbound proxy mode:Always
Outbound server address:sip.mcntele.com
Outbound proxy port:5060

9. Click "Set" button to save your settings.

10. Click Telephony | Audio in left menu, then click Show Advanced Settings to check, that codecs G.711a and G.729 is selected.

Click "Set" button to save your settings.

11. Your phone is connected. You can check it in the tab Telephony | Connections. "Registered" status means successful connection.