1. Start the application and tap Settings button in bottom right corner.

2. Select Account Settings.

2. Tap "+" sign in top menu to add an account.


3. Select SIP Account.

4. Enter your SIP account settings:

Account name: for examlpe MCN
SIP Server: SIP-domain address from registration email
SIP User ID: your SIP ID
SIP Authentication ID: your SIP ID
Password: your SIP password

Then tap the checkmark in top menu to confirm.

5. Wait for the registration indicator has became green. After it has click to your account.

6.  Set Register Expiration to 2 minutes.

7. Select Preferred Vocoder below.

8. Make codec settings for networks used.

7. Select codecs for 2G/3G/4G internet connection as shown on screenshot below. 

8. Make the same codec selection for Wi-Fi network.

9. Tap the checkmark in top menu to confirm your settings.

10. Tap Advanced Settings.

If Random Port and WiFI Only are disabled, then STUN Server Settings should be disabled too.

Your softphone is ready to use!