In the section "Telephony | Hardware” you can download softphones with pre-installed parameters for connecting to a SIP account from the “Telephony 2.0 | SIP settings»

and use automatic configuration, where the following options are available:

  • Automatic hardware configuration by scanning the Zoiper QR code (for Android or iOS mobile devices).

  • Automatically configure hardware by downloading a Zoiper softphone with ready-to-use SIP account connection options (for PCs running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems).

  •  Automatic configuration of the gateway for the SIP TG Telegram softphone with Go to the instructions for configuring the required equipment in the Knowledge Base.

The following data is displayed next to the configured equipment:

1. Status - online or offline at the time of viewing.

2. Number - which number the SIP account is linked to.

3. IP address - from which IP the last registration took place.

4. Registration - records the last online time of the SIP account.

5. Equipment - on which equipment the SIP account was last registered.