Using speech synthesis, you can generate speech from text during a call, pronounce preloaded user variables (Name, debt, etc.), but unlike Voice Robot, this element does not wait for a response. Suitable for automatic customer notification tasks: payment reminder, birthday greetings, etc.

1. Before adding the Speech Synthesis service, you need to activate the service.

2. In the Personal Account, in the top menu, go to the “Virtual PBX” tab >> “Settings” tab and select the “Routing” >> “Speech Synthesis” section in the left menu. Click "Add" to create.

3. The modal window "Add speech synthesis" will open.

4. Select the playback service - Yandex or Google.

Select the language of pronunciation and recognition.

Select the gender of the voice that will read the text.

Specify the message playback speed.

SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) is a speech synthesis markup language that allows you to make speech more natural and expressive.

In the Message field, enter the text that you want to synthesize by voice.

Click the Save button.

5. The created template will be available for editing on the tab below.

"Variables in call scenario " can be added to speech synthesis.